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Testimonials and Stories Of People Who ARE Cannon

Cannon has an incredible history. It is indeed an amazing mountain.
Many people who ski, ride and work at Cannon have a deep connection to the mountain, love Cannon and find that the mountain is part of who they are. Cannon Mountain is different things to different people, but for many there seems to be a common thread...something that makes you feel like you are part of the experience at Cannon. Part of what makes Cannon - Cannon.

Are you? Submit your story or read the stories from Cannon skiers and riders who feel great to exclaim that they ARE Cannon.

I am Cannon Spotlight

Meghan McCarthy McPhaul
, Cannon Kid, Author and Cannon Historian

I grew up on Cannon Mountain, skiing with my brothers and buddies in the Franconia Ski Club. My folks met on Middle Hardscrabble, my husband and I were engaged at the top of Taft, and my kids are now ripping up the trails off the Tuckerbrook Chair and beyond. I love the mountain so much that I wrote a book about Cannon! So many great skiers have contributed to the character and the great history of Cannon, one of America's oldest ski areas, and I'm proud to say that along with all of them, I am Cannon.

My name is Meghan McCarthy McPhaul and I am Cannon!





miss cynthiamiss cynthiaOur younger boy enjoyed Day Care with Miss Taber and Miss Emily and can't wait to start skiing too. We are looking forward to spending future days together as a family at Cannon.xxxxxGregg Gordon||Nashua, NH


photo (3)photo (3)


Eden loves CannonEden loves Cannon


P and K at CannonP and K at Cannon


Brian_HalBrian_HalBrian Russell, a visually impaired skier skied Cannon once or twice a year with his guides, Hal Sandstrom among them (right). Over the years Brian conquered most of the mountain, including the famed Front Five, but his favorite run was Zoomer. I'm sure many have watched the giant in orange skillfully tackle this difficult slope. Brian passed away August 19, 2012 after a month-long battle. He wished his ashes to be spread on the mountaintops of Loon, Sunday River and Cannon. "My name is Brian Russell and I AM CANNON!" xxxxxBrian Russell||Medford, MA


JDJDRIP John Denapoli! You will be remembered well by your friends at Cannon! xxxxxMattS||Franconia


DSC03646DSC03646Since my first trip to cannon mtn with a tour bus (2001),I return years after years,watever with my friends of the tour or in solo with my daughter Jessica or friend.xxxxxJean-Luc Gervais||Laval,Québec,Canada


DSC_3056DSC_3056Hi, I visited Cannon with my family I just started skiing this year (I'm 4) and by the end of the day I was Zooming down Brookside with my little brother Kin (he's 2)! Later we even went up the Tram! I'm Hanna and I and I am Cannon!xxxxxHanna||Chestnut Hill, MA


IMG_2432_2IMG_2432_2My grandparents spent seven years building a little ski cabin in Franconia, NH. My dad learned to ski at Cannon, and his mother started skiing there when she was 14. That was over sixty years ago, and we're still coming up. It's worth the red-eye drive from Ohio to get some real skiing in. I am the third generation of Cannon!xxxxxEllie R.||Worthington, OH


17431_440784295300_809100300_10732849_3684351_n17431_440784295300_809100300_10732849_3684351_nMy name is Dan and the first time I hiked and skied Mittersill that was the very moment I realized that "I am Cannon"! Making the trip up north is always worth it when I end up at Cannon! When ever it is raining at home it seems it is always snowing at Cannon! One more time! "I AM CANNON!" xxxxxDan Cody||Haverhill, MA


Hike-portraitHike-portraitSkied Cannon almost exclusively in my college days at UNH (74-76). We used to take the T-bar to the top, hike up above that, and ski an old (narrow) racing trail over to Mittersill. Plan to return to Cannon this Sunday for the 1st time in 35 years! My very favorite mountain of all!xxxxxMark Santangelo||Pottstown, PA


CannonCannonI've been skiing Cannon for 50 years now and will go for another 50 God willing. My parents were married on top of the mountain in February of 1952 and made it a ski day with the wedding party. I grew up in FSC, was inspired by the World Cup, and continued racing at Holderness and Middlebury. I came back to coach the White Mountain School race team in the the early 1980s. My wife Celeste and I make the trip up every weekend with our three boys - die hard Cannon park and back country skiers who are carrying on the Cannon tradition and documenting their adventures under the banner of APF Films. Every now and then I take a break from the swerve and head out with my camera to soak in the natural beauty of the region or to photograph the rabid racers of the Hochebirge in all their intensity and race plumage. There is no better place on earth. I AM Cannon! xxxxxChris Goodhue||Oakham, MA


K2 2K2 2Growing up I skied Cannon, begrudgingly. When I came back to skiing, I came to Cannon with my 15 year old ski boots to be humbled 100yds from the top when they blew apart. My soon to be husband took me back to Cannon...never realizing the fun, friends and family I was missing all my life prior. We eloped and got married on a "beautiful" cannon day on the snow fields by Sr. Loggy our skiing JP donned in a helmet to boot- only at Cannon. WE now are loving and living our dream and are Cannon through and through. We see it, ski it and pray for it. xxxxxK2 Riley||Littleton


BodeFest10BodeFest10Hi my name is Jacob and i've been skiing since i was 2 1/2. Now I am 10 almost eleven and i am in the jr. develipment program. I am with Steve Noga. I hope that i will ski for a loooooooonnnnggg time.xxxxxJacob Stephens||Westfield, MA


I went to Cannon Mountain sporadically during the 80's and had a good experience. During the 90's, my good friend Scott, who was an ambassador at the time, brought me to the mountain to ski. I fell in love with the place, and my family has skied here since.

By Greg Smith, Goffstown, NH

I am 11 years old. I have been skiing at Cannon for 9 seasons. I guess that means that I have been skiing at Cannon since I was 3.This past season I was in the Jr. development program at Cannon. I skied in a race group. I dream of joining FSC. After 1 more year of the Jr. Development program I hope to fulfill that dream. With the help of Cannon I hope I can do it. It helps a lot being who I am, CANNON

By Becca Stephens, Westfield, MA

i have sadly been skiing at cannon for only 2 years but thanks to my best friend i could get such an experience.i have skiied almost every trail but not some glades.without my friend i really couldnt say I AM CANNON!

By Peter Marson, Groton MA

My name is Amy Cornell and I am a 22 year-old 3rd generation Cannon skier. My Mom and Dad were engaged at Cannon, my oldest sister Beth was engaged at Cannon, and I instructed at Cannon for 7 years. I have been hiking, skiing, and snowshoeing at Cannon since I was three years old. I am in medical school now and my visits to Cannon inspire me when the going gets tough!

By Amy Cornell, Keene, NH

I've taught at Cannon for 17 years and the Cannon Blasters Group is one of the most enjoyable things about skiing Cannon. This picture show two of the Blasters on March 14th. The mountain was about to close due to high winds and rain but these blasters ended the day under a Rainbow with a Pot of Gold at both ends.

By Gerry Snee, Rehoboth Ma

We love Cannon. Our kids both started skiing here as soon as they could walk. Now they are both in the junior development program. Sydney is four and a Gremlin. Cameron is seven and a Challenger. It's amazing to see the improvement in one short season. Both of our kids are skiing from the top of the mountain and having a ball doing it. I would recommend the mountain and the program to anyone looking to have fun and get better skiing the greatest mountain in the area!

By Sydney and Cameron Pilla, North Andover, MA

Im Izzy Schmaltz. I started skiing at Cannon 3 yrs ago. My dad found a mountain that he liked and we all fell in love! I ski anything that is in front of me moguls, ice, powder, corduroy, glades. I just skiied Mardi Gras on Mittersill and I LOVED IT!!!!!!! My dad got a little bruised up btu not me! Because my motto is "If you fall, pick yourself up and keep on going!" I AM CANNON!

By Izzy, Boston MA

I grew up skiing at Cannon with my Dad who was a ski patrol at Cannon for over 20 years. Some of my jobs during college included making snow on the night shift, working on the Upper T-Bars, and the summer maintenance crew. This photo is from March 4th, 2010 with my son Ryan as he made his first trip over the saddle to Mittersill. A lifetime of memories that never seem to end. I am Cannon!

By David Harris Jr, Marblehead MA

best pow day of my life. march 1, 2010 at cannon. I hope for more from the snow gods in years to come

By Stephen Desaulniers, Etna, NH



I am eight yrs old and love skiing with my dad and nana. I have taken lessons with the ski school for 5 yrs now and finally skied my first black diamond trails this year. But i really love skiing the glades at tuckerbrook with dad and jumping on turkey trot the best. I always have fun at cannon. I am cannon.....

By Alison cassarino, Foxboro ma

Twelve years ago i did not ski, my wife-to-be convinced me that i had 20 yrs to ski, so i tried and 10 yrs later at 68 yrs young, i am still skiing and learning new ski techniques every week. So who knew? I figure i am well on my way to being a good skier and that qualifies me to say i am cannon!

By Joe bennett, Humarock beach, ma



My husband has been coming to Cannon for 30 yrs. He once told me it was the best place to ski and I would love it. It was everything he said it would be; "a good old fashion mountain"! When Lauren was 4 she cried everytime we took her skiing, until Cannon. She had an excellent instructor for many years in the ski school who was a teacher. Now 14 years later we tell everyone about it and continue to come for our winter vacations every year. The Peabody Base Lodge apres ski parties are the best too! We are Cannon!!!

By Tom, Lauren & Stephanie Bent, East Haddam, CT

i have been away from skiing cannon for 30 sons and i returned this past season as season ticket was the best thing we ever did.the people here are real skiers,and are all true 2 sons loved everything cannon has to offer. so we are cannon.and will never stray again.

By penn michelini, methuen ma

We have been skiing at Cannon Mountain For 7 years. Cannon has the best overall. Cannon never dissapoints!! They also have a very nice terrain park. Keep up the good work!!

By Sam and Jack, Foxboro Ma

I have been skiing at Cannon since I was 3 years old and have loved it here. I have never realy wanted to go anywhere else because cannon is like home to me. I know everybody and even know the bartender! My favorate thing about cannon is the powder and people. Cannon is the BEAST. I am Erika Hicks and I AM CANNON!

By Erika Hicks, Ashland, MA

My name is Jensen Bodden and I have been skiing at Cannon for years. I love the trails at Cannon and find them very challenging! In the summer when I cannot ski at Cannon, I run hundreds of miles just to keep myself entertained until the start of ski season! I run all around the SNHU campus wishing I was skiing at Cannon! Then, the day to ski comes, I am so excited! My Name is Jensen Bodden from Manchester Nh, and I am Cannon!

By Jensen Bodden, Manchester, New Hampshire

As a kid, my family would make an annual trip to Cannon during the fall foliage season - ride the Tran to the top and take in the an adult, I continued the tradition, in the winter, taking my son & daughter there to ski. My name is Joe Roy and I am Cannon !


Sqiudward, Patrick and I have been Jellyfishing at Cannon with the Saltonstalls and the Kellehers since we were little sea critters. The Pub has excellent Krabby Patties and the terrain is unmatched. Mr Krabs agrees the prices are very reasonable. We love Cannon for its great community, cheerful workers, good tunes at the Cannonball Quad, and the fun times it has offered us. We especially love crash test dummy race day, where we can shred it up at the Huckerbrook Park in front of other Cannonistas!

By Spongebob Skipants, Marion

I have been skiing at Cannon since 2004 because of my uncle. The skiing is awesome, but that is not the only thing I like about Cannon. I am into the history. Im always on their web site and looking up information. I AM CANNON!!

By Will Premru, Groton MA

I am 6 years old and I am 3rd generation Cannon. I got my first ski pass when I was 2 months old; made my first trip to the ByPass picnic to visit Bampy at 5 months old and hit Ace's Acres with Auntie Rachel at 17 months. I've skied almost every trail on Cannon but Mommy won't let me ski Tramline or the Kinsman Glade yet. I love skiing the glades and Mommy says it is now "OK" to tell people I like to ski Mittersill too!

By AJ Rourke, Medford, MA/Sugar Hill, NH

Great video montage... I grew up a "Cannon Kid" with my first turns on the mountain being back in 76' at the age of five. Mom & Dad made sure we knew what living really was as we rarely ever missed a weekend or holiday from that year forward, right up until this day. Now as I sit & work in the Center of Franconia serving vacationing guests and the second homeowner's whose homes they are staying in I have no doubt why I am here, and what brought me here. Cannon!! Cannon's diversity of friendly people, matched with it's diversity of terrain and weather always keeps the mountain living, fresh, rewarding and a down right relaxing place to be. There are no age limits to being a "Cannon Kid" because We Are Cannon!

By Cort Roussel, Bethlehem, NH

I'm a 3rd generation Cannon skier,and my kids are now 4th generation Cannon skiers. I came to the 'Notch to fulfill a 20-year dream as the GM at Cannon & Franconia Notch State Park. It's the most beautiful and historic "office" in New Hampshire, and I'm proud to be the primary steward of the 'Notch and the guy driving the bus as we move forward. My name is John DeVivo... and I an Cannon!

By John DeVivo, Bethel, ME

ive been skiing cannon for 5 years now which is pretty cool because im only 7. I went to cannon kids for a few years. Ann is my favorite teacher. My dad thinks he is cool so cool he even dresses like me. my name is Jack and I am Cannon

By jack colby, candia, nh

Cannon saved me. i want to thank Brendan Ryder for teaching me how to ski,and to free my heel. "free the heel and the mind follows"

By Bruce Caron, Mont Vernon NH

The first time I came to ski Cannon was on a Ski93 tour back in the early eighties. I thought this was the perfect ski area back then. I've been skiing for over 40 years and after more than 25 years since skiing Cannon for the first time I still think its the perfect ski area and getting better all the time.

By Bob Misuraca, Bristol, NH

My family has a working history at Cannon Mt. and the Franconia Notch State Park for years. My four brothers worked for Cannon at one time or another, and I still have one brother who works at the Mtn. in the Winter and the Flume in the Summer. Back in the late 60's, my two oldest brothers and I used to come up skiing on weekends with our dad, who used to work on the old Peabody T-Bar. My dad was one of the first employees to work with the beginning of snowmaking at Cannon. Now, my brother, Richard, continues that family history. His two children now ski Cannon. I use to love going up the old T-bar from Peabody to the next T-bar to the top of Cannon. What a view from the top! When I was in high school, I use to work at the cafeteria at the top. I now do cross-country skiing on the Recreation Trail, but my heart is always on the top of the Mtn.! Franconia Notch State Park has been a big part of my familys' history, and


Here ontop of Cannon the Clark family stands ,My Dad Daniel W Clark Sr, passed on 10\29\07 He was one of the brave few men to tighten the turn buckles on the Old Man of the Mountian. Daniel Clark Sr and Family are Cannon !

By Dan Clark JR , Sanbornton NH

We are all Cannon, Our family has been coming to Cannon for over 10 years, as they say it is now a Tradition! The kids have all learned how to ski here and the older two have moved to snowboarding as well. We love the daycare, ski school and the mountain. We will be back next year because WE ARE CANNON! The Dionne Kids!

By The Dionne Family, Ottawa ON

our family has been skiing at cannon mountain since we were 3 years old. all of the workers here are like family. we love them, and the mountain. we have been down every trail here, and sometimes its a very smooth run, and other times it challenges you. its great, and so is the food. cannon is a very friendly mountain. we love it here. our names are thomas and brittany shambo, and we ARE cannon!

By Brittany And Thomas Shambo, hopkinton MA

I grew up in NH but haven't skied Cannon in years. Then on Wed. April Fool's Day I skied with a man I consider to be my bro-outlaw WW2. When someone is a brother and a friend for 30 years you get to support each other through life and death. To ski Mitersill newly opened with him was joy. And thankfully the former for me! thank you

By Anna Lee Simpson, Albrightsville, PA

I've skied Cannon since 1977. It was one of the first "Big" mountain experiences of mine. I've riden & seen the original Lincoln & Lafayett trams change colors & replaced by the new trams & I've the new tram II building take it's place. I've riden & seen the two upper t-bar "Alpine Lifts" replaced by the "Cannonball Express" Quad chair and watched as the new "Profile" trail was cut, the first newest trail to be cut in a long time. I've skied and seen mittersill open and close and I've hiked the taft up to Mt. Jackson to Mittersill so many times I can't count over the years. I've seen the ski jump come and go. I've seen the old Peabody Double Chair replaced with the new Peabody Express qaud, and watched the midstation unloading platform disappear into time. I've also seen the rope go up and down on the Taft numerous times throughout the years on the way up to Mittersill. I kinda grew up here every win

By David B. Salucco, Georgetown, MA

I have been skiing at Cannon now for 8 years, and its been the best 8 year of skiing yet!! This season was also my 5th season teaching at Snowsports. Working with the Cannon team and skiing with the entire Cannon family makes me desire winter all summer long! I couldn't imagine finding another mountain with such amazing people. I look forward to many more seasons!!

By Josie Mattsson, Scarborough, Maine

Dad always was motivated to make the ride up route 3 before the interstate past Concord was built this was also Before Loon and Water-ville existed. He Packed us all up in his big station wagon and headed off to Cannon Mountain. It was dad's favorite mountain. Mom even brought the lunches. What is more important is Dad took the time to take me and my three brothers skiing to Cannon to the big hill. Back then there was no marketing Department. You didn't need one. The skiers then and today are the marking department. My dad took me skiing to Cannon in 1963 and changed my diapers on a picnic table so I could make another run.. Therefore I am cannon.

By Charles Duffy, Wenham, Ma

I didn't ski until I was 30, so my boyfriend who has been skiing at Cannon for all of his life, teased me that skiing a Double Black @ Cannon would get me an engagement ring. So began my indoctrination as a Cannon family member. The people of Cannon are truly special and I immediately had a great group of friends supporting me. With a diamond in mind, I quickly learned how to ski at Cannon. Once I realized that there really were NO Double Black trails at Cannon, and that trails like Avalanche would be Double Black Diamond's anywhere else... My husband proposed to me at the top of Cannon! We've been married almost 5 years now. We both ski Cannon with all our friends every chance we get. Now I can ski the front 5 with confidence, and chase him to "The Rock" on sunny days. There's no better place to ski. We never want to leave. My name is Laura Legendre and I am CANNON!

By Laura Legendre, Andover, MA

I ski Cannon because my 82yr old Grampa Cyrus(the Old Man on the Mt) ski's Cannon. My name is Kale Cyrus Benton and I am Cannon!

By Kale Cyrus Benton, Thornton NH

Hi Our names are Brendan (age 5) and Spencer (age 4) and We are Cannon Kids! We came to Cannon over February vacation and had a blast! We learned to ski, saw a magic show, fireworks and torch parade! After two mornings in Cannon Kids we were both riding the chair lifts and skiing Tuckerbrook on our own! I am Brendan, I am Spencer and I am Cannon!

By Brendan and Spencer Moody, Atkinson, NH

I married into the Cannon Family sixteen years ago and it's been "A Blast"!! Susan and I have worked as Ambassador's for fourteen years. Both our boys have grown up on the Mtn. One at FSC and one is assistant instructing with the freestyle group (new this year) It's a long season of driving but it the only way to spend the winter. My name is Ship Densmore and I AM CANNON!!!

By Ship Densmore, West Falmouth, Ma

my name is Jason G bays, i have been taking family vacations to cannon my whole life. i have many memories with my friends and family. when i ski down the amazing trails cannon has to offer, it makes all my problems go away, its like they are lost in the white powder. i am now a student at southern new hampshire university so i am able to go to cannon more then ever, as well as share my great times at cannon with my class mates. my name is Jason G Bays from cresco, pennsylvania and i am cannon!!!

By Jason Bays, cresco, pennsylvania

Hi, My name is Mike and I have been going to Cannon now for over 10 years. I like how I can literally disappear on the mountain on trails like Global Warming Glade. I go to Cannon to find myself while skiing the glades. I think Cannon has the best glades in New Hampshire. I am teaching my friends, Sarah and Lice, how to ski them too. Cannon is a blast every time! I am Michael Young from Hooksett, New Hampshire and I am Cannon

By Michael Young, Hooksett, New Hampshire

I have been skiing at Cannon all my life! I am now 4 1/2 years old and you see me here at the top with my two brothers Leo and Francesco and my friend Nikolas. I learned to ski on Brookside at 2 1/2 (like all my brothers and my friend) and now I go all over the mountain. But my favorite thing to do is to ski down Avalanche and then go to top with the tram with my dad! And of course I love glades, especially "Lost Boys" which I think is named after Leo and Nikolas who got lost up there two years ago. I am a Gremlin and my brother is a Snow Leopard but when I am older I want to become a Cannon racer like my other brother. And yes I also want to ski down Mittersill, but my mum does not let me yet!

By Alessandro Drake, Arlington, MA

The first place I skied was at Brookside, when I was 2 1/2. Now I'm 9, I've been skiing here my whole life, and I'm in a racing program here. Cannon's my favorite mountain because of trails like Paulie's and Avalanche. Cannon does a great job grooming and I'm always excited to come back and ski more. My name is Carter Bourassa and I am Cannon! (That's my sister Pearce in the photo with me - she is Cannon too!)

By Carter Bourassa, North Woodstock, NH

I have been going to Cannon with my family since I was three on family vacations. Some of my best experiences have been skiing with my family there, it brought us so much closer together. Now, I am a college student at Southern New Hampshire University and travel with my friends to Cannon on the weekend to share more great times. Cannon will always have a special place in my heart, good friends and family that is what is most important in life. Cannon delivers. I am Sean Patrick west from Pelhem New Hampshire and I am Cannon

By Sean Patrick West, Pelhelm, New Hampshire

I have been skiing Cannon all my life. As a kid we would rent a house at Meittersill for a month between my family and two cousin's families. I used to love the fact it had more snow than anywhere else in the area...not to mention the crowds were never there. My love for Cannon has changed, however. My son made his first turns on Brookside at 17 months old. He loved the fact he could ride the chairlift! My daughter began there when she was 16 months. The learning area is perfect for kids (or kids at heart) because I don't have to worry about anyone running them over like I do at other areas. The ski school has taken my son from Brookside to Rocket and my daughter to Huckerbrook at age 3! Every instructor has been great! I cannot say enough about our days (sometimes even skipping shool for a powder day) at Cannon. It is a great family atmosphere!

By Steve Pilla, North Andover, MA

I have been skiing at Cannon for 54 years. My grandparents came in the 40's, my parents brought us in the 50's and my children's generation spreads from the 80's to the present. We are fourth generation at Cannon. My father was taught to ski by Paul Valar then taught for the ski school for 33 years. I remember when there were 3 T-bars to get to the summit. The alpine T-bar at the top picked us up off the ground, dangled us in the air until we touched down sideways, if not backward. I remember when the old Peabody chair was the new Peabody chair. I raced for the Franconia Ski Club in the 60's and foreran the North American Championship Downhill for Jean-Claude Killy. I was a friend of Bode Miller's mother and brothers as we all grew up at Cannon. My name is Susan MacNeil-Densmore. I am an ambassador at the mountain and I am Cannon.

By Susan MacNeil- Densmore, West falmouth MA Cape Cod

We're the DeVivo kids! I'm Mario, and I'm six, so I'm the boss of the kids (Bella doesn't think so, but she's only 4 so I'm definitely the boss). We live at Cannon on the weekends & holidays and our daddy works there all the time. Gigi used to rule the roost at the Nursery, but she just started skiing with Mama when she turned two. I'm in the Snow Leopards and Bella's in the Gremlins. We like the glades and the mini-park, and we like skiing at the top when we ride the Tram, but I skied Rocket last week with Ruth and it was cool! We are Cannon!

By Mario, Isabella & Gianna DeVivo, Bethel, ME



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