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#CannonIsMine 2016 Commercial 1 - SCARE Tactics

In one of the most extreme cases of Cannon hoarding that we've uncovered, a duo of ultra Cannon fans have retreated to their man-cave to cook up brilliant ideas to keep people away. We're not so sure they have what it takes, but sit back and enjoy watching them try.

Cannon SnowMan

Whether they’re life-long season pass holders or they’ve just discovered the goods, CANNON SKIERS AND RIDERS ARE KNOWN FOR THEIR LEGENDARY OBSESSION. The reality is that Cannon's core crew love the mountain so much, they’ll say anything to convince others not to go. They’re literally trying to hoard Cannon— its vast terrain, loads of snow, magnificent views, friendly vibe and heart-pounding steeps—for themselves. But most of all, it’s because Cannon has soul, a rarity at today’s resorts. You also don’t need deep pockets to come to Cannon and make it yours. But shhh... we like the short lift lines.

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