Flume Gorge Modified Operating Rules - Summer 2021



COVID-19 Best Practices

Let's stay healthy in our State Parks!

-Wash your hands
-Monitor for symptoms of COVID-19
-Practice social distancing
-Consider a mask
-Do not congregate around photo spots and keep the flow of traffic moving through the Gorge.


- Reservations can only be made online.
- There are no in-person ticket sales at the Flume.
- Reservations must be made for a specific arrival window (ex 1pm– 2pm) on a specific date.
- Guests MUST arrive and check in during their selected time period.
- Reservations made for 1pm can check in between 1pm and 2pm.
- Limited reservations will be available for each hour time slot.
- We cannot guarantee entry if you miss your arrival time.
- Reservations are $18 for ages 13+, $16 for ages 6-12 and free for ages 5 & under. A reservation MUST be made for all people in your group including ages 5 & under.
- Online Reservations: FlumeGorge.com
- PETS are not permitted.

- Reservation check-in is outside on the walkway in front of the main building.
- Once checked in, you will proceed around the building and begin the Flume Trail.
- Guests will have two hours total to complete the Flume Trail and exit through the building.
- Sorry but Max the moose is in quarantine and is not in the building.

Flume Gorge Trail:
- The Flume trail will be one way only and guests must exit through the building at the end of the walk.
- The "Short trail/Rim Path" is closed and the only option is to complete the full 2 mile loop in one direction.
- Shuttles will not be running to the Cabin and the Cabin will be closed to the public.
- The Flume trail is a self-guided two-mile walk with some uphill walking and stair climbing.
- Guests will have two hours to complete the walk and are encouraged to make limited stops.

Food Service:
- Food service is available inside the building with limited seating. You can access this before or after your Flume walk. Food Court is open 11am-4pm through May.

Flume Gift Shop:
-You can access the Gift Shop before or after your Flume walk. Gift Shop is open 9am-5pm.