First Timer's Guide to Cannon

New to skiing/snowboarding? Being prepared prior to your visit will make all the difference this year.

Read through all tabs on the 'Know Before You Go' page

We've tried to cover everything that is different this year at Cannon on the Know Before You Go page, which covers everything from buying tickets, parking, new covid policies, where to boot up, food & beverage offerings and more. Read thoroughly so you're not surprised when you arrive. This year is going to be different. That's OK. We're good at different. With your help and preparedness, we can continue to enjoy the season in its entirety.

Proper clothing, equipment & essentials

Proper Clothing
The two most important layers are the ones closest to your skin and the one on the outside. The best underlayers are absorbent and "wick" perspiration away from your skin. The outermost layer, including pants, should be wind and water resistant (cotton clothes such as jeans and sweatpants absorb water, making you wet & cold) You'll also need warm, weather resistant gloves/mittens, warm socks (wool or synthetic), a neck warmer & COVID appropriate face covering (required) and a hat or helmet. For children, as well as adults, the best way to stay warm is to dress in layers. As conditions and weather change, you'll want the option to add or remove layers to adjust to temperature. Remember, you will NOT be able to store bags or extra gear in the lodge so plan appropriately.

Proper Eye & Skin Protection
Infrared and ultraviolet rays can be extremely harmful to your eyes, especially at higher altitudes. Snow also reflects sun rays, making them even more intense. Sunscreen and SPF lipbalm are always recommended to prevent sun damage to your skin. Good quality sunglasses and goggles are an important investment. Wind, blowing snow, cold, rain or fog can be very uncomfortable on your eyes. Always bring both sunglasses and goggles with you as weather changes rapidly in the mountains.

Ski & Snowboard Equipment
It is very important to get boots that fit. Boots should allow you to wiggle your toes a little but not move your foot around. Skis and snowboards must have steel edges, ski brakes, runaway straps or snowboard leashes. Have ski bindings safety checked and adjusted to your boot at an accredited sport shop. Our Repair Shop offers this service and if you don't have your own Ski or Snowboard Equipment, you can rent it with advance online rentals from our Rental Shop. Both are located slopeside in the Peabody Lodge.

The National Ski Areas Association recommends that skiers and snowboarders make the right choice about wearing a helmet. Ultimately, whether to wear a helmet is personal or parental choice - it's up to you to educate yourself about their benefits and limitations. The best helmets are light, comfortable, warm and allow you to see and hear clearly. Helmets are available to rent in advance online from our Rental Shop or purchase in Cannon Sports Shop.

Food & Water

Sun, wind, perspiration and altitude rob your body of fluids and you can become dehydrated long before you even feel thirsty. Stop frequently for water or carry some with you. A healthy breakfast and lunch are very important for a good day on the slopes and always carry snacks with you to refuel your body throughout the day. You can also find food & drink options at one of our establishments on the mountain here.

When You Arrive

It's easy to get to Cannon - access directly from I-93 from the north, or south

Once you have reached Franconia Notch State Park, I-93, take Exit 34C. Turn onto Route 18 and drive to the Main Base Area.

Dropoff / Pickup
Located in the main lot in front of Notchview Lodge / Guest Services. There is a large pull through area where you can unload your family & ski/snowboard gear before you park. Parking attendants will guide you where to park.

Get here early
The earlier you arrive, the closer you will park to the lodges & slopes and you'll find shorter lines at the Ticket Windows, Cafeteria & Rental Shop.

Lodge Access
ONLY passholders and ticket holders will have access to the lodges and you will need to show your pass just like you do at the chairlift. Building capacity will be monitored and very limited with a :30 minute time limit. Lodges will not be accessible outside of the hours posted below.

Lodge Hours:
8am - 5pm Weekends / Holidays
8:30am - 4:30pm Midweek / Non-Holiday

No bags, shoes or personal belongings may be left inside or around the outside of the buildings, so plan to gear up at your car. If you need to walk to the lodge in shoes or bring food, plan to take it with you in a small backpack when you leave the lodge. All unattended items will be removed.

There is seating upstairs in the Notchview Lodge, both rooms downstairs in the Peabody Lodge and upstairs in Peabody Lodge. Picnic / brown bag lunches are not allowed upstairs in the cafeteria area of Peabody Lodge or the Cannonball Pub. They ARE allowed in Notchview and the lower level of Peabody Lodge. Coolers are not allowed in lodges this season due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Tram buildings
The Summit lodge will be open 7 days a week with Cafe, Bar, Restrooms & Seating. Access on the Upper Cannon side, NOT the Tramway/Vista Way side. The Tram Base Lodge will not be open or available this season.

Finding your way around

In the Main Base Area & Mittersill, Exit 34C

Notchview Lodge:
Tickets, Guest Services, Season Passes, Retail Shop, Cafe, First Aid, Seating, Restrooms

Peabody Lodge:
Equipment Rentals, Tuning Center, Main Food Court, Cannonball Pub, Seating, Restrooms

Brookside Learning Center:
Lessons, Childcare

Mittersill Warming Hut:
Seating, Outdoor Restrooms

At the Aerial Tramway, Exit 34B

Tram Base Lodge:
General Store w/ food, Seating, Restrooms

Tram Summit Lodge:
Cafeteria, Bar, Seating, Restroom

New England Ski Museum
Gift Shop & Museum