Tickets & Season Passes FAQ


Reserving your Lift Ticket

Do I have to reserve my ticket in advance?
- You save $15 a ticket and time at the window when you reserve in advance. You can purchase your ticket at the window day of. During early season and busy holiday periods, tickets may sell out, reserving ahead of time is the only way to secure your spot.

Where do I reserve my ticket?
- You can purchase tickets, pass, lessons, and rentals here Ski Cannon Mountain (

How do I get my RFID Card and how much does it cost?
- The RFID card is a one-time fee of $5. If your card is lost or stolen, you will need to purchase a new one. Cards can be picked up at the Guest Services ticket windows. The customer code in the RFID card is unique to you and can be used to login into your Cannon account for future purchases.

I already have my RFID card. Can I go straight to the lift?
- Yes, if you have purchased your ticket ahead of time, and have no verifications that need to be approved by our Guest Services attendants.

What ticket verifications needs to be approved by Guest Services?
- College Tickets, Military Tickets, NH Resident Wednesday Tickets, NH Senior Mid-Week Tickets, Shop and Ski Area Reciprocal Tickets, PSIA, NSPA, and PSA tickets and Rescue Services tickets.

Can I share my RFID card with a friend?
- No. Your RFID card is unique to you and your associated account. Anyone caught sharing a card will be removed from the mountain and your tickets or passes will be pulled.

Discounts, Special Tickets, Indy Pass, etc

I have an Indy Pass. How do I reserve my ticket?
- In our online store, you will reserve a ticket under the Indy Pass or Indy Pass+ option. When you reserve your ticket for the first time and do not currently have a Cannon RFID card, you will go to Cannon Guest Services with your purchase confirmation and ID. We will look you up and print your RFID card. We strongly suggest pre-booking by clicking HERE. While you're on our store, that will be a great time to pre-book for later in the season as well. Before you pre-book, look up your INDY customer number for each person in your party from Next, select INDY Pass date on and add them to your cart. When you go to check out, you will be prompted to log into or create an account through Cannon. Once you log in, you will need to enter your INDY customer numbers to link guests in your party. You will get an email from Indy Pass to validate your identity. Once you get this email, copy the verification number from your email into the estore and continue through the checkout process. You will have the option to cancel your reservation up to 48 hours in advance to use your Indy Pass visit another time. Reservations are not guaranteed and tickets may sell out on any given day.

I bought a 3-pack of tickets. How do I redeem my codes?
Go to Ski Cannon Mountain ( and select "Special Tickets." Pick the date you wish to visit; then select the number of tickets you wish to redeem next to "Ski Show 3 Pack Redemption" or "Black Friday 3 Pack Redemption."

I have an Early Buy buddy ticket or bonus ticket. How do I redeem my code?
Go to Ski Cannon Mountain ( and select "Special Tickets". Pick the date you wish to visit; then select the number of tickets you are redeeming next to "Early Buy $45 Guest Ticket" or "Bonus Ticket".

Is Cannon offering group discounts?
- Cannon is NOT offering group rates at this time. You can purchase tickets ahead of time and save $15 a ticket.

What discounts does Cannon offer?
- Cannon offers $15 discount when you buy online. Every Wednesday during the season, New Hampshire Residents with valid NH ID are $45 (online only). One ticket per person. We also offer shop and ski area discounts for those participating in our reciprocal programs.

Snow Guarantee

Does Cannon refund my ticket for weather?
- Cannon does not guarantee the length of our season or the weather. Our snow guarantee is for full-day lift tickets: If you are not satisfied with the snow conditions within one hour of purchasing, picking up your lift ticket, or your first pass scan you may request a snow guarantee voucher to visit on another day during that season.

I got hurt or sick and cannot ski on the day I reserved my ticket; can I get a refund?
- Refund requests must be made at least 48 hours in advance by emailing your request to You may also request to have your reservation moved to another day during that season. Cannon does not guarantee you will be granted a refund.

Season Passes

When is the Season Pass Office open?
The Season Pass Office is open 8:00am-4:00pm daily. Check the Season Pass page for updates.

I am a new season pass holder. What is an RFID card and where do I get mine?
RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identifier card, this is your season pass. It is unique to you and your account. You can pick up your card from the Guest Services ticket windows at Notchview Lodge.

I am a returning season pass holder. Can I go directly to the lift on my first day?
If you still have your RFID card from last season AND you have your liability waivers signed, a pass photo uploaded and any required verifications uploaded, you can go directly to the to the lift. You can check your cannon account here.

What season passes need verifications?
New Hampshire Residents pass, Military pass and NH Senior Pass

I lost my RFID card. Can I get a new one?
You can get a new RFID card for the cost of $5.