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Uphill Policy

2023/2024 Winter Uphill Skiing (Skinning) Policy

Uphill travel will be permitted this season but only with a full-priced day ticket or season pass. We will not be selling a skinning-specific ticket.

We strongly recommend that you wear brightly colored clothing for visibility purposes. For the purposes of this policy, “skinning” shall refer to the practice of traveling uphill on skis while utilizing traction skins on the bases of one’s skis. This policy shall not allow for uphill hiking, snowshoeing, or any other means of uphill travel. Cannon Mountain is a ski & snowboard recreation area, thus self-powered uphill travel must include the use of skins on appropriate ski/snowboard equipment. Those involved in the practice of skinning shall be referred to hereinafter as “skiers,” and are equally subject to the parameters of CHAPTER 225-A SKIERS, SKI AREA AND PASSENGER TRAMWAY SAFETY Section 225-A:24 as such.

Said skinners (skiers) shall be responsible for understanding and following CHAPTER 225-A
SKIERS, SKI AREA AND PASSENGER TRAMWAY SAFETY Section 225-A:24 and the “Responsibility Code,” as set forth by National Ski Areas Association (NSAA).

LAST TRIP UP - 3:00pm
We stop permitting uphill traffic by passholders at 3:00pm.
No matter when you purchase your ticket or start an uphill climb, if patrol encounters you during sweep after the mountain closes, you will be required to turn around and ski down.

Skinning shall occur ONLY during normal hours of operation, while lifts are turning at Cannon Mountain (8:30am - 4:00pm during weekend / holiday periods and 9:00am – 4:00pm during midweek / non-holiday periods) and when the designated route is considered "open" for normal ski area operations. Off-hours access to Cannon’s slopes is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Skinning and grooming/snowmaking at night do not mix and those that do, jeopardize the entire program and risk serious injury.

The prescribed skinning route shall be (from the bottom up):
Lower Ravine to…Middle Ravine to…Upper Ravine to…The first (lowest) entry onto Taft Slalom…Taft Slalom to the summit of Cannon Mountain and shall be marked as such on the “Downhill Skier’s Left” side of the trails in question, utilizing a small sign mounted on bamboo and/or PVC and set well out of the travel area on the trails in question. Skinners shall travel on the “Downhill Skier’s Left” (Skinner’s right) during the entire uphill trek. Please stay single file and as close to the edge of the trail as possible.

Any open route may be used for downhill traffic, but the skinner must utilize only the prescribed uphill route each time.