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Repair Shop

Find us slopeside next to the Rental Shop, upstairs in the Peabody Lodge in the Main Base Area.

Our Tuning Center is home to state of the art equipment from Wintersteiger and our staff are trained and certified under Wintersteiger standards & guidelines.

NEW: Our brand new state-of-the-art Wintersteiger Mercury Tuning Machine! High quality tunes and a faster turn-around time means more turns for you out on the slopes!

2022 - 2023 REPAIR RATES

Wax Future - $20
Infrared applied temp specific wax, brushed

Ceramic Side Edge $35

Ceramic polish of the side edges, wax future, brushed

Basic Belt

(only suggested for rusty / worn equipment)
$35 children skis 80-140cm
$45 adult 145cm+
Wet belt base grind, wet belt base & side edge, buff wax

Basic Stone Tune $58
One cycle stone flatten & structure, ceramic polished base & side edges, wax future, brush

High Performance Tune $78
Multi-cycle stone flatten & structure, base edge set by hand, ceramic finished & hand polished, wax future, brushed

The Resurrection $80
Bring good skis back from the dead! P-Tex, multi stage stone grind, flatten & structure, edges rough set by belt, ceramic stone edge polish, wax future, brushed

*excessive base removal or repair will be an additional charge (included in resurrection tune)*

Binding Adjustment/Release Check- $30

Alpine Binding Mount/Remount - $50
Installation/Binding Check

Touring/Backcountry Binding Installation/Remount - $60*
Installation/binding check
*additional labor charges may apply

Boot Stretch/Fitting - $35 minimum

Pole Cutting - $12

Labor - $60 / hour

Minimum Labor Charge - $10

*Season Passholders receive 20% off of tunes! (some exclusions apply)

Race Services

Race Wax $25
Temp specific high performance wax, polish brush

Race Edge $50
Side Edges set by ceramic stone, temp specific wax

Sidewall plane and shape $50
Peel back sidewall/sheet, shape side & top sheet

Race Grind $55
Flatten, blank and structure base, base brush
(no edge work, sidewall work or wax)

Race Grind & Edge $105
Flatten, blank and structure base, base and side edges set and polished, brass brushed, high performance wax and polish brush

Full Race Prep $135
Flatten, blank, structure base, sidewall plane & shape, base and side edge set and polished, brass brush, prep wax, high performance wax, polish brush

Summer Equipment Tune and Storage

3 different price point options for an end-of-season tune plus dry storage over the summer, so your boards are ready to rock when we open next season!

Basic Summer Plan $85
Our Basic stone grind, machine set edges, wax for early season conditions, binding check, and dry summer storage.

High Performance Summer Plan $110
Our HP or Resurrection tune, Base bevel finished by hand, Swix prep wax for storage, binding check and dry summer storage. Then, rewaxed in the fall with early season wax.

Race Summer Plan $150
Race grind and structure, base and side edge finished by hand, Swix warm prep wax for storage, and dry summer storage. In the fall, Swix cold prep wax topped off the appropriate wax for early season conditions.

Have questions about tuning, repairs or summer storage? Call (603) 823-7722 ext. 683