Season Pass Assurance Program

2021-2022 Season Pass Assurance Program:

Valid through November 26, 2021

100% Credit Option
Through November 26, 2021, if you request a credit on your pass purchase, regardless of the reason, we will issue a credit for any reason, for the full amount you paid, to be used towards a 2022 - 2023 season pass.

Pre-Season Refunds (fees apply)
Through November 26, 2021, if COVID or other widespread health crisis will impact your ability to travel or ski, or COVID or other widespread health crisis will affect our ability to operate, you may request a refund on your pass purchase. Any refunds will subject to a $50 processing fee per transaction.

Dates Valid: November 27, 2021 - April 11, 2022*
*(projected closing)

ADDED ASSURANCE FOR COVID or Other Widespread Health Crisis
Each quarter of the season takes 25% off of the pro-rated credit, but with added assurance that if the season is interrupted or ended due to a public health crisis, a pro-rated credit (with no fees) will be applied toward a future season pass purchase.

Effective November 27, 2021, our normal credit/refund policy applies:

Per our normal refund credit/refund policy, Cannon Mountain will consider credits or refunds for illness or injury or life-altering events that prevent you from skiing, with medical documentation - on a case by case basis. A pro-rated refund may be requested for illness or injury, but is subject to final approval and a $50 processing fee per transaction. As we enter each quarter of the season, a 25% reduction applies toward the pro-rated credit or refund.

Cannon Mountain does not guarantee the weather or length of season and does not issue credits or refunds for season passes for situations that cause a closure due to unfavorable weather. This includes wind holds, single day or multi-day closures, a late start or an early end to the season due to unfavorable weather or a lack of snow.