Guest Services

*Subject to change*

The Season Pass Office

The Pass Office will open a week before the start of the ski season. Check the Season Pass page for updates. There will be no inside access. Please come prepared to wait outside.

Lost & Found

Located at the Bag Check in Lower Level Peabody Lodge.

Locker Holder Guidelines


-Locker Holders & Immediate Family ONLY
-No extra guests or gear
-Quick Turn Area
-Changing room only

The continued use of lockers will only be permitted if everyone adheres to our new guidelines. Any locker holder that allows guests outside of their immediate family to use their locker or access locker rooms will lose locker privileges and endanger the entire program for everyone. Please make sure the you leave an updated list of immediate family member names with guest services.

If at any time we deem the area unsafe or notice abuse of the privilege, we will prohibit access to the lockers.

We are asking you to please be courteous to others and if the locker room is full please wait until someone leaves. If possible, just send in one family member to access equipment and put personal items away. Please store all personal belongings in your locker.

Access - Notchview Lower Level
The entrance & exit to the Notchview Lodge will be designated for employees and lower level locker holders ONLY (this is to cut down on traffic through the hallway & stairwell) Please exit out that same door and DO NOT bring your gear up the stairwell. Please respect personal space and be patient. Please also limit your time in the area to as little as possible.

Access - Notchview Upper Level
Access to the upper level lockers will be through the First Aid door entrance ONLY. Please exit out that door as well. The locker room should be considered a "quick-turn" area. Please limit your time.