The fifth and final season

The #CannonIsMine Campaign was originally borne out of a desire to dispel myths about Cannon Mountain. It’s too cold, it’s too icy—the list goes on. Continuing with this theme, the underlying concept for 2020’s Evolve Campaign was to show how those myths are just that—lies created by passionate fans who want to keep everyone else away from the mountain.

This time, through the eyes of an unassuming first-timer who’s stoked to visit the mountain, we see that the lies are now turning the passionates into yetis. That’s right, yetis—matted hair, big yellow teeth, and mountain breath.

Best Use of Video (NSAA 2020 Marketing Awards)
Silver, Regional TV (41st Telly Awards)
Silver, Social Video Series (41st Telly Awards)


In a world full of lies, one man risks it all (or some of it) to discover the truth about Cannon Mountain. Jerry, the protagonist’s, quest takes him deep into ski country—to a bar and a tea party. His journey uncovers uncomfortable things involving people and stuff. Along the way, you’ll be shocked, then awed—sometimes shocked and awed at the same time, though usually separately, but never too far apart as they’re only 30-second commercials. In the end, you’ll see things you never thought you’d see.

The trailer to end all 30-second commercials. How far will one man go to uncover the lies and monstrous transformations that shroud the legendary slopes of Cannon Mountain?

In the first episode of #CannonIsMine Season 5, Jerry’s interest in skiing Cannon Mountain quickly fades as things get just downright weird at a local bar.

Jerry and his daughter go to his buddy Chet’s house for a tea party only to find that when he brings up Cannon Mountain, the conversation gets awkward and so does everything—and everyone—else.

While picking some new skis, Jerry’s final attempt at getting some positive feedback about Cannon ends with a flurry of lies and a full frontal yeti.

The Yeti Saga

2015-2016 Season 1 (Episodes 1-4)

The #CannonIsMine campaign kicks off by poking some fun at the passion Cannon Mountain brings out in people. People love the mountain so much and are so into it, they will say anything to anyone to convince others not to go. They're hoarding out of love for the place. They're keeping it close. They're also now on TV. Oh boy.

2016-2017 Season 2 (Episodes 1-2)

In one of the most extreme cases of Cannon hoarding that we've uncovered, a duo of ultra Cannon fans has retreated to their man-cave to cook up brilliant ideas to keep people away. We're not so sure they have what it takes.

2017-2018 Season 3 (Episodes 1-8)

Cannon Mountain evokes such deep passion in skiers and riders that they often make up stories or perpetuate myths to try to keep people out. It soon becomes clear that humans aren’t the only ones hoarding Cannon.

2018-2019 Season 4 (Episodes 1-3)

We document the Yeti’s struggle to keep Cannon his and his only. Oh, and he finds love. It’s weird.